Walk Home

by Max Jennings

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released September 17, 2014

cheers to everyone that has helped us out/ supported us in anyway over the past year or so

special thanks to:
Liam O'Keefe for recording us
Curt from bluebird for lending us his drum mics
Peter's mum for giving us lifts
Rob Kirk for driving us to lesta and back
Abbie, Jaz and the no screws diy lot for being rad



all rights reserved


Max Jennings Mansfield, UK

4 piece

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Track Name: Stephen Mulhern slip 'n' slide
thursday comes too often
more time spent moving than talking
in fresh smoky air
exchanged glances or glares

no more fun's had than
stumbling through
enduring on
slurring words and singing songs
screw around
not a single care
pass out when we get there
Track Name: Large Marge
It'll be a weekday night
stood over the sink
feel something start to drip
have to grab something to stop it

feel my head rush
while my nose
continues to run
to run

I don't wanna live I just wanna exist

continues to run, to run
Track Name: David Cameron had a wank and died
I used to know you
better than anyone
now I don't know
now you don't care
thanks for your time
thanks for taking part

staring at the stars reminds me of us
I don't know
you don't care
I don't remember
anything at all

look into your eyes

play with your hair at night

drinking bottles of regret
I'm still hung up on
I guess I'm just impressed that I lasted
this long
I'm nothing

you left a hole in my head
I could never fill
with any amount of
happiness or thrill
Track Name: Logan Lerman at the oscars
the way that she used to
loiter around
his house
the way she started
the way that she loitered
show me something
show him
the way he'd sit there

lacking posture
but not care

the way she'd sit there
the way she started

something but not wanting

the way she'd sit there
walking across the streets outside
wanting something

something owed
but not
Track Name: I bet Jeff Goldblum never worried about this
the bus passes by
as I observe
an elderly hand
on a grave
of whom
I do not know

its a sobering sight
one day
my situation could be
so similar

car with window stickers
27 seated
a lot less standing
open doors and closed windows
brief muffled songs
broken glass and cold moves
Track Name: green
stupid superstitions
like walking under ladders
nodding at magpies
stepping on cracks